Calculating College Cost

The initial steps of planning for how much college will cost involve getting organized and looking over the landscape. A timeline for the major steps will let you know what to expect. The College Gold Paying for College GANNT Chart will give you a head start. The Folder Checklists can be attached to the folders associated with each college and each financial aid program to keep you on track for all deadlines.

The next steps involve getting an idea of the what the total bill will be for all years of college. The College Cost Projector calculator will help with this, as will the Student Budget Calculator. The Family Budget Analyzer will help you understand how much money you have available to pay for college, and where you can squeeze your family budget if you fall short of what you need.

Tools, Calculators, and Downloads
Folder Checklist
Download these forms and attach them to file folders to help you stay organized and hit your deadlines.
College Cost Projector
Estimate your actual college costs based what college will cost when you're ready to enroll.
Parent Debt Calculator
It's a good idea to avoid borrowing too much, even for college.
Paying for College GANNT Chart
A time-frame planning tool that shows when the most time-consuming financial aid tasks start and end.
Loan Calculator
When you borrow, you need to know your monthly payment to determine whether you can afford the loan.
EFC Calculator
Financial aid is based on the difference between your Cost of Attendance and Expected Family Contribution (EFC).
Student Budget Calculator
Use this calculator to estimate the total cost of attending a particular college over four years.
Family Budget Analyzer
Compare your family's annual expenses against regional and national norms to help you identify expenses that are above or below average.
Financial Aid Laws and Regulations
The federal laws and regulations concerning eligibility for financial aid change at the will of Congress.
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